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Though we have worked with Many Companies, Here are some for Reference.

Clients of Binary Solution BD
Clients of Binary Solution BD
Clients of Binary Solution BD
Clients of Binary Solution BD
Clients of Binary Solution BD
Clients of Binary Solution BD

Binary Solution BD | CCTV Camera | Fire Extinguisher | Access Control

Binary Solution BD | CCTV Camera | Fire Extinguisher | Access Control, All You need About Security is here. From the Vast Categories of CCTV Camera, IP Camera, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Equipment’s, Gas Mask, Access Control, Pabx, Video Conference and Metal Detector.

Security is now days is the 1st concern of any People or Place. These Security items have made our Life a lot easier, Fast, time-Saving and most importantly Secured. People’s lives & security is mostly dependent on these Security items. Office, House or Factories are now Covered with security items like CCTV Camera, Fire Extinguisher and Access Control

Why Do you Need a Security System for your Home?

Though there are many reasons for Home Security System, We will explain in Shortly.

  1. Protect and Secure Your Home with a Home Security System
  2. Good for fireplace Protection if you’ve got a Security System
  3. Manage Electricity with a Home closed-circuit television
  4. Protect You from ”Odorless” Gas with the System
  5. Remotely Monitor with Indoor and out of doors Security Cameras
  6. Promote Home Automation with the System
  7. Constantly Monitor Your Home for 24/7
  8. Useful for Medical help
  9. Provide Peace of Mind with a Home Security Camera System

Binary Solution BD – The Best CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh

There are Many CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh, but all companies are no alike. Some have Low-Quality Products, while some have High Price, while maximum has Poor Quality Service.

We Provide Customers with Quality Products with Affordable Price Range. We Provide on-time Service, whenever the Customer Needs it. After we are reported with a Problem from our Customer, We try to reach the Customer Door Step As soon as Possible without further Delay. The client is Everything to us and so as our Business. We have ready stock for all kinds of CC Camera, Fire Extinguisher & Equipment, and Access Control. So, these above factors make us be the Best CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh.

Providing Affordable CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

Earlier CCTV Cameras would cost a Huge Price, because of unavailability. Now-days CCTV Camera is available almost at any part of the Earth. The price of CCTV has lowering, due to the bulk amount of manufacturers. CCTV Cameras are now within the buying range of Every People. Anyone can buy Security System for their home, Office or Factory at a reasonable price.

We Binary Solution BD are also providing Affordable CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh Compared to the Local Markets, with affordable Price Range and Variety Models of CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras. We Provide the Cheapest Price and the Best Quality CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh.

Binary Solution BD – The Best Shop to Buy CCTV Camera Online in Bangladesh

We have all kinds of CCTV Camera, IP Camera, DVR and NVR at Ready Stock. Our Products Includes :

  1. Hikvision CCTV Camera
  2. Hikvision IP Camera
  3. Hikvision Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  4. Hikvision Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  5. Dahua CCTV Camera
  6. Dahua IP Camera
  7. Dahua IP Camera
  8. Dahua Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  9. Dahua Network Video Recorder (NVR)

You Can Buy the Above products physically from our Store or you can Buy CCTV Camera Online in Bangladesh through our Website. Once you place the order, your authorized person will deliver the product to you as fast as possible within a short period of time. So, the Smart way is to Buy CCTV Camera online in Bangladesh.

CCTV Camera Package Price in BD

We have a wide range of CCTV Camera Package Price in BD. Below are our Best Selling CCTV Camera Package :

Hikvision CCTV Camera Package Collection :

  1. Hikvision 1 Pcs Package
  2. Hikvision 2 Pcs Package
  3. Hikvision 3 Pcs Package
  4. Hikvision 4 Pcs Package
  5. Hikvision 5 Pcs Package
  6. Hikvision 6 Pcs Package
  7. Hikvision 7 Pcs Package
  8. Hikvision 8 Pcs Package
  9. Hikvision 10 Pcs Package
  10. Hikvision 12 Pcs Package
  11. Hikvision 16 Pcs Package
  12. Hikvision 32 Pcs Package

We also have a Wide Range of Dahua CC Camera Package Collection.

From the Wide Range of CC Camera Package Collection, You can Choose a Package that fits your needs and order us to install the Same. Every Package has consist of Camera, DVR, Hard Disk, Power Adapter, BNC Connector, Camera Cable, Electric Cable and Free Installation within Dhaka City. We Provide Relatively Affordable CCTV Camera Package Price in BD with Quality and Original Products, compared to those with High Price with Low-Quality Products.

WiFi Camera price in Bangladesh

We have been Providing Affordable WiFi Camera Price in Bangladesh with a huge collection of High-Quality Smart WiFi Camera. Below are Some :

  1. Hikvision 1 MP Ezviz WiFi Camera
  2. Hikvision 2 MP Ezviz WiFi Camera
  3. 360 Degree WiFi Camera
  4. Smart Bulb WiFi Camera

These cameras are built two way audio and easily controllable from any Smart Phone. This camera has to configured with the WiFi router and once connected it remains connected throughout. It can be easily accessible from any part of the world through the smartphone, Laptop or Tab. WiFi Camera Price varies according to Brand and Resolution Quality. Compared to the Local Markets in Bangladesh, we are providing affordable WiFi Camera Price in Bangladesh.

Affordable Access Control Price in Bangladesh

If you want your house or office door to get Secure rather than Ordinary Lock, then Access Control is the Best Solution here. Access Control Consist of Electromagnetic Magnet which is attached to the top corner of the door, Electromagnet is Connected to the Access Control Machine, which will be outside the Door, through you will be able to open the door Password, Fingerprint or through RFID Card. There will an Exit button from inside, through which insiders can exit by pressing the Exit Button.

Access Control System Varies According to the Door. An Additional u Bracket is Required for a Glass Door, other than everything remains the same. We have been providing the Affordable Access Control Price in Bangladesh Compared to the Local Markets in Bangladesh.

Affordable Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

Fire Extinguisher and Equipment are considered as an important life-saving Tools in case of Fire. We have a Wide Range of Fire Extinguisher and Equipment’s Collections :

  1. ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher- Available Size 1,3,5 and 25 KG
  2. Carbon dioxide (Co2) Fire Extinguisher- Available Size 3 and 5 KG
  3. Foam Fire Extinguisher – Available Size 9,10 and 25 Ltr
  4. Mini Fire Extinguisher – Available Size 500 and 1000 ml
  5. Half Head Gas Mask
  6. Full Head Gas Mask
  7. AFO Fire Ball
  8. Auto Fire Extinguisher
  9. Fire Bucket Stand
  10. Fire Bucket
  11. Safety Industrial Helmet
  12. Gum Boot
  13. Fire Extinguisher Refill

As there are Various kinds of Fire Extinguisher and Equipment, so as the Price. Binary Solution BD Provides Affordable Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh with quality Products that last longer.